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Cayo Coco


Cayo Coco is another hidden gem in Cuba as it has only developed its full tourism potential in the 1990s. Resorts are completed updated and the beaches are one of the best in the world with its gorgeous white sand. With the island only being recently developed, it also has excellent infrastructure with its airport only 30 minutes away from the resorts. If you are looking for an authentic experience of Cuba, Cayo Coco has it all.

With Cayo Coco being recently developed, hotels are updated and modern with incredible service that will ensure you make the most out of your experience in Cuba.

Families: Go on an adventure and visit a crocodile farm where you can pick them up and take photos. Looking for ways to become an even BIGGER hero to your kids? This is a way to show your bravery!

Couples: The best time to get out of your comfort zone is when your significant other is here to encourage and support you. Try something new and take a trip to Ernest Hemingway and try deep-sea fishing. It is a great way to chat while being on the ocean and experience the thrill of possibly catching at a big one at the other end of the line.

Friends: 80% of the island is still wild where it consists of the largest population of pink flamingos. Enjoy each others company while hiking through the wild exploring and then rest and recover by the beautiful clear sea.

Good to Know

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Temperature: The temperature can go as high as 31°C and as low as 27°C

Currency: Dominican Peso

Official Languages: Spanish

Vaccines: Click here for additional information

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