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Whether you are looking for a family vacation, romantic getaway or just some time away from the real world on your own, Aruba is the perfect island that can adapt to any kind of vacation that you need.

There are multiple all-inclusive resorts ranging from four to five stars that you can choose from with close transportation to local gems. Depending on the type of vacation that you need, here are some ideas on what to visit during your getaway.

Families: Enjoy the beautiful waters and take your family onto a snorkeling tour. Enjoy a half-day sail and snorkel experience on a long catamaran and possibly try a SNUBA adventure? Drinks and lunch are included!

Couples: Nothing is more romantic than a scenic tour sailing along Aruba's coastline and viewing the sunset go down. Take one of the luxury catamarans for a breathtaking two-hour tour off the shores of Aruba and just enjoy each other's company while watching the sun dive into the ocean.

Friends: When you are with friends, you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime that will bring you closer together. Check out the Natural Pool Jeep Adventure, where you will spend the day exploring the countryside of Aruba.

Good to Know

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Temperature: The temperature can go as high as 28°C, and only as low as 26°C.

Currency: Aruban Florin, US Dollar

Official Languages: Locals speak English, Dutch and Spanish alongside with the local tongue, Papiamento

Vaccines: Click here for additional information

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