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Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic

Without question, Puerto Plata offers the best of both worlds. It is secluded enough to escape the tourist hordes but busy enough to enjoy world class hotels and experience many all inclusive resorts filled with excursions.

Puerto Plata has a mix of both seclusion and city life. There are a variety of activities you can choose from to make the trip memorable.

Families: If you are traveling with family, the best attraction you can view is really just the dazzling beaches. The beaches are filled with Coral reefs where families can enjoy water activities such as snorkeling. If you are feeling adventurous, surfing is definitely an option as well!

Couples: Check out the Amber Museum as a souvenir for your trip and a reminder of your trip together. Pick out a piece of jewellery for one another as it is made from the world's richest deposits in the hills nearby.

Friends: To create the adventure of a lifetime, embark on the Dominican Outback Safari to truly experience the "real" Puerto Plata. Through this experience, you will see where coffee and chocolate grow as well as sample authentic cultural cuisine. Enjoy!

Good to Know

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Temperature: The temperature can go as high as 31°C and as low as 27°C

Currency: Dominican Peso

Official Languages: Spanish

Vaccines: Click here for additional information

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