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Malibari Honeymoon

Wayandau (Vythiri) – Kappad Beach


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If you are looking for a good mix of relaxation and adventure on your honeymoon, take the time to check out our Malibari Honeymoon package. It will have everything you are looking for on your honeymoon such as top of the line spas, guided tours and beautiful beaches with white sand. For additional details, our itinerary is listed below.


  • Arrive in Vythiri-Wayanadu
  • View your new honeymoon cottage
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Trekking inside the resort: Natural waterfalls, streets and natural pools
  • Spa time
  • Utilize indoors/outdoors gaming facilities
  • Explore new beach facing villas
  • Spend the day on beach


Overview What Next?
  • All meals are included
  • Welcome drinks

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